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Snake River SEEPS Project Burley, Idaho
The Snake River Seeps project was a petroleum release remediation contract that included constructing a road from a steep bluff along the Snake River down to the river itself. The impacted soil was normally under water. Water had to be drawn down and a coffer dam constructed to isolate the remediation area.
Mountain Home Air Force Base Jet Fuel Tank Demolition Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho
Northwest Technologies teamed with the Mountain Home AFB (MHAFB) Civil Engineering and Environmental Division to design a method to safely remove a 1,850,000 gallon above ground jet fuel tank without affecting operations with their two other identical tanks. The tank that was to be demolished was suspected of leaking. The two operational tanks were connected to the third with piping.
Smiths Knob Lookout Tower Lead Abatement and Demolition Project Payette National Forest, Idaho
The US Forest Service contracted with Northwest Technologies to remove two abandoned buildings in the Payette National Forest, Idaho that were previously used as a forest fire lookout.
Mountain Home AFB Firing Range Backstop Cleanup Mountain Home AFB, Idaho
This project was to rebuild an earthen berm that is used as a containment bullet stop at the exterior firing range. The berm was being reconstructed due to safety issues. The existing berm had initially been constructed using native desert soil. The native soil had not been screened prior to placement. There were some small rocks in the berm that were causing ricochets when hit with projectiles. T

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